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When The Moon Was Twice As Big


In each of our lives come moments when dreams are sparked and a course is set toward the life we imagine. So it is as we follow ten-year-old Jack in the summer of 1969.


Inspired by an extraordinary new friend, his test-pilot father, and history unfolding with humankind's first steps on the moon, Jack’s passion for space ignites within him.


But life-changing events alter Jack’s course.


Forty years later and about to turn fifty, Jack finds he’s landed far from the life he pictured as a boy. Now he must choose whether to simply accept and settle – or take one giant leap of faith and follow the dreams of his youth, dreams born when passion burned brighter, when everything seemed possible...


... when the moon was twice as big.




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Big-Studio Quality - On An Independent Budget


WHEN THE MOON WAS TWICE AS BIG, is a feature-length motion picture executive-produced by John Killwey and Bill Jacobs, through Shooting Star's THE SUM OF OUR PARTS PRODUCTIONS, LLC.


Bill Jacobs wrote the "family-friendly" script and directed the film, with principal photography taking place in Bucks County, PA and surrounding areas.  The film is now in post production.


The film includes the incredible talents of Paul Hickert, Turner Maxwell, Mary Jo Catlett, William Bogert, Brett Temple, Brian Anthony Wilson, Steve Hanneman, Leah Curney, Kevin Percival, Steve Blanchard, Kelly McAndrew, Jim Thalman, Angela Pierce, Toni Sawyer, Kathy Patterson, Ruth Flaherty ... and many more.


The motion picture was shot shot using the RED Epic camera system, the same as used on such features as STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS, OZ GREAT AND POWERFUL, THE GREAT GATSBY, and THE HOBBIT.


Nick Nicassio is composing the original musical score for this film, set in both 1969 and 2009.

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